Coaticom’s RapidTp product line, offers a wide range of reinforced thermoplastic prepregs, with different polymers, additives, and even colors, flat laminates, and thermoformed products, that can be used in a variety of applications.

We are working with key supply partners such as Arkema, Celanese, Hexcel, GIVIDI, and others in order to ensure high quality of products.

All our reinforced fabrics have special sizing that is compatible with the thermoplastic process, the sizing can differ based on the requested polymers. We select the fabrics and the thermoplastic polymers based on your specific requirements.

Fiber Reinforcements Available:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass (E-glass or S-2 Glass)
  • Aramid Fiber
  • Basalt
  • Others

Thermoplastic Polymers Available:

  • Polyolefin (PP, MPP, HDPE, LDPE)
  • Polyurethane (TPU, Hytrel)
  • Polyamide-“Nylon” (PA6, PA11)
  • High-temperature polymers (PPS, PEEK, PEKK)
  • Other polymers upon request

Check with us possibility for other options. We can produce tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

Prepreg Description Fabric Description Polymer 30% weighted Flexural Strength (Mpa) Flexural Modulus (Gpa) Processing temp °C Test standard
RapidTP Glass/PP E-Glass, 290g, Plain PP 449 51 140 ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/HDPE E-Glass, 290g, Twill HDPE 368 23 140 ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/HDPE Carbon, 200g, Twill HDPE 389 44 140 ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PA6 E-Glass, 600g, Plain PA6 223 20 260 ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PA6 Carbon, 200g, Plain PA6 265 30 260 ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PA11 E-Glass, 290g, 4HS PA11 715 44 220 ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PA11 E-Glass, 200g, Twill PA11 578 27 220 ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PA11 Carbon, 200g, Twill PA11 756 59 220 ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PEKK E-Glass,  290g, 4HS PEKK 877 28 380 ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PEKK Carbon, 200g, Plain PEKK 773 40 380 ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PEEK E-Glass, 200g, Twill PEEK 803 57 400 ASTM D790

Prepreg DescriptionFabric DescriptionPolymer 30% weightedFlexural Strength (Mpa)Flexural Modulus (Gpa)Processing temp °CTest standard
RapidTP Glass/PPE-Glass, 290g, PlainPP44951140ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/HDPEE-Glass, 290g, TwillHDPE36823140ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/HDPECarbon, 200g, TwillHDPE38944140ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PA6E-Glass, 600g, PlainPA622320260ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PA6Carbon, 200g, PlainPA626526530ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PA11E-Glass, 290g, 4HSPA1171544220ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PA11E-Glass, 200g, TwillPA1157827220ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PA11Carbon, 200g, TwillPA1175659220ASTM D790
RapidTP Glass/PEKKE-Glass,  290g, 4HSPEKK87728380ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PEKKCarbon, 200g, PlainPEKK77340380ASTM D790
RapidTP Carbon/PEEKE-Glass, 200g, TwillPEKK80357400ASTM D790