Coaticom, as a part of the KOI group, is committed to environmental responsibility and adopts sustainable practice wherever possible. We continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability in everything we do.

As a thermoplastic composite producer, we believe in a greener environment and take pride in our products. Thermoplastic production does not involve toxic materials, fumes, or smells, therefore it is much safer & friendly than the thermoset process.

The thermoplastic products can be produced from recycled materials, also, they do not have storage or transportation limitations, therefore, the products are more economical and user friendly than the thermoset ones. The thermoplastic parts are recyclable and therefore contribute to a greener environment and a sustainable supply chain.

Our environment

As a part of KOI group, we at Coaticom strongly believe in the traditional industry and hardworking people, with the vision to bring Innovation to the industry, empower and promote it. Our strength is in our people – those who come in every day with the energy and motivation to get the job done – and do it in the right way.

We put a great value in our team which reflects in the emphasis that we put on health and safety in all aspects of our operations, as well as the sustainability of our local economy. The KOI family is made up of people primarily from the local community and represents many of the minority and ethnic groups that make up our region’s diverse population.

As a part of our strong social responsibility values, we share our knowledge, experience, and facilities to empower the local area, collaborate with schools & Academic organizations to help educate students, workers, and local industry.