Who We Are?

Coaticom Thermoplastic Coating Ltd. is a young company, located in Maalot, Israel, and is a part of KOI Group. Coaticom is introducing a new source for thermoplastic powder coated prepregs and offers, an innovative coating process, for a wide range of composite applications. Coaticom is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs by offering Tailor-Made Solutions, excellent quality, high efficiency, cost-effective & environmentally friendly process.

Coaticom Process

The process is based on a Forced Flow Electro-Static charging, with powdered polymer, and provides flexibility and far-reaching options for manufacturers.

Our RapidTP products are offered with a variety of fabrics such as Glass, Carbon, Aramid, and a variety of powdered polymers such as PA11, PE, PP, PEKK, PEEK, PPS, and others.

The electrostatic coating process can perform one or two-sided coating, different polymers on each side, and selective coating area. It can achieve accurate and low tolerance coating and can be adapted for a wide range of TP prepregs per your requirements.

Coaticom is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D accredited supplier.

see our certificate of registration: AS9100D WITH ISO 9001:2015

Meet Our Team

Mr. Erez Harpaz

Founder of KOI Group, as a bridge between creative innovative thinking and strategy to product manufacturing.

Mr. Danny Kaplan CEO

Mr. Danny Kaplan

Business Administration and Law, over 20 years of experience in the market, specializing in purchasing and acquisitions.

Mr. Lior Ashkenazi C.P.A.

Over 20 years of experience in technology companies, both in finance and operations. specialized in holding companies in different locations.

Mr. Eli Harush

Chemical Engineer; over 20 years of leading R&D activities, in the field of materials and composite materials.

Mrs. Hani Segev – COO

Mrs. Hani Segev

Over 20 years of experience in industrial companies specializing in Business & Development teams.

Mr. Shay Goren

Mr. Shay Goren
Technology Manager

Electronics Practical Engineer, over 20 years of experience in creative, out of the box thinking, specializing in machine building.

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